Eco Church

At Ashwood, we are committed to becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We believe this reflects God’s love for his created world, and our desire to live in a positive relationship with the world he created. We believe that looking after our climate also shows love and responsibility to our global neighbours.

As part of this commitment we are part of the ECO CHURCH initiative, organised by A Rocha. Eco Church is designed to equip churches to express care for God’s world through worship and teaching; in how they look after your buildings and land; in how they engage with local communities and in global campaigns, and in the personal lifestyles of their congregation.

In 2018 we were able to gain the BRONZE Eco Church award as a recognition of our efforts in this area. We are currently working towards our silver award, and hope to gain this by the end of 2021 as part of our commitment to take action in the lead up to the Climate Summit that will be hosted by the UK in November 2021.

If you would like to find out more about Eco Church please visit their website here.


As part of our commitment to Eco Church, we collect a select few items for Terracycle. These items include:

Crisp packets

Chocolate and sweet wrappers

Biscuit and cracker wrappers

Alongside the crisp packets we are now also collecting nut, pretzel and popcorn packets for Portland College. Collecting these packets raises funds for the college and involves the students in the process of sorting, weighing and posting the packets.

Please click on each item to find out what you can recycle.

*Please note that all items must be separated before bringing them to the Ashwood Centre and crisp packets must be laid flat. Unfortunately any mixed waste or scrunched packets will be disposed off and not recycled.

​Recycle your printer inks

We are also collecting printer ink cartridges at the Ashwood Centre through the site Recycle4Charity.

Have a look at the list of accepted printer inks here.

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