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Spiritual Practices - Fasting

Matt Bell - June 26th 2022

Do you want to get excited about the practice of Fasting? If so, we recommend you listen to Matts talk!
Just after Jesus was baptised he was led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness where he fasted for 40 days. After this time the devil tempted him. Jesus could resist the temptation because he was STRONGER, not weaker after that long time of fasting. How can that be?
Fasting is linked to accessing power, it has a physical element but also a spiritual element.

Fasting is not just abstaining from food or other things or following a restricted diet. Fasting is simply not eating food in order to feed on the Holy Spirit. “Fasting is feasting on our Lord and doing His will!  (Dallas Willard) 
For the Jews and the early church fasting was a regular practice. Learning how to resist our “Flesh” and feed our “Spirit”.
Matt also quotes some very insightful and challenging thoughts on fasting from great men of God of the past and present. Well worth a listen to get inspired!

Practical Tips on Fasting:

If you’ve never tried fasting before, start with one meal or two meals and take it from there
When you’re fasting, drink plenty of fluid (the body can last a long time without food, but not water)
Don’t try and do too much physical exercise at the same time as fasting (especially when you are starting)
If you have any health issues – be careful and speak to someone first
If you know you have issues with food – speak to someone first to get help
Be kind to yourself! Jesus seemed to expect his followers to sometimes make mistakes while learning – so we can too!

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