Our friend and special guest Joe Gisbey (Links CEO) talks about “Giving it all to the Giver of all!”
Joe uses the story of Abraham and Isaac to challenge us to think about giving everything to God. Joe says:
Sometimes we are tempted to make a detour (Ishmael) on our way to the fulfilment of the promise, but even then, God sees that we are working towards the fulfilment, His promise is still true.
Sometimes God asks us to do something without giving us all the details (e.g. “go into the region of Moriah”); He asks us just to go the next step and to trust him for the one after that.  
Sometimes it’s down to just us and God  (“the boy and I will go alone”) not to be distracted or discouraged from what God is asking us to do. 
It is when we totally surrender, come into a place of worship (not only singing but prioritising and putting God first in everything) and sacrifice that God provides. We are not waiting for the ram: the ram is waiting for us to arrive at that right place. Sometimes we don’t access the promise because we don’t get into the deep place of worship.  
He also prophesies some things to us as church.  Why not listen in? It’s time to fly, Ashwood!


Note: This is the video from the whole of our online meeting.