Worship team

Throughout Ashwood Church 30+ year history, it has always had ‘worship’ at the very core of it’s values and whilst we would never claim to be experts, we would hope that we are on a journey that sees us becoming better equipped to worship God in spirit and in truth.

As a church we recognise that the corporate expression of our worship on a Sunday morning is only a small part of the worship that we seek to bring to Jesus throughout the daily living of ordinary lives. And as a Worship Team within Ashwood we recognise that fact and seek to remind ourselves that worship is a daily priority and our “Sunday moments” will simply flow out of a heart’s desire to praise Jesus in the midst of our eating, sleeping, working and playing!

Our aim is first and foremost to give Glory and Honour to Jesus and we hope that each time we are together He is pleased with the response that we bring. As a team it is really important too that we give of our best, which includes spending time sometimes during the week and before the Sunday meetings practising, praying and learning together so that we can hopefully facilitate a corporate musical response to God which encourages everyone to give the praise, for which our God is so so worthy!

Many people are involved to make things run as smoothly as possible and if you are interested in finding out more about being involved please talk to one of us.

Matthew Bell